Power Washing

If you want your home to look its best, start by ensuring it’s as clean as possible. Professional power washing services in Raleigh, NC from Paint Changers quickly removes dirt, grime, and dust to reveal the smooth, vibrant surfaces underneath. Of course, not everything is about appearances. Power washing the exterior of your home can prevent long-term damage to the wood, paint, and siding of your home. Protect your home while boosting your curb appeal by getting in touch with our team today.


At Paint Changers, we use a soft-wash power cleaning method that guarantees we will not damage your home.

From cracked siding to broken window seals, we’ve seen it all from DIY power-washing projects gone wrong. Instead of handling the issue yourself and ending up with more damage, our professionals will handle it for you.


With more than 20 years of experience on our side, we have the tools and techniques necessary to offer our clients the best possible results.

Uncover the beauty of your Raleigh home by reaching out to Paint Changers today. We’ll provide your power washing service on your schedule.

Whether for a home or commercial property, a professional Raleigh power washing service comes with a host of benefits. Consider the following:

Safer Atmosphere

Over time, mold, moss, algae, oil, mildew, and other substances have the potential to build up on any building. These issues are more than cosmetic, as they can have negative health effects. Power washing is a great way to get rid of any potential buildup of these hazards.

Increased Curb Appeal

Everybody wants their home or office to stand out, but it’s a lot of work keeping off all the dirt and grime that naturally accumulates over time. For a home, power washing can mean a more welcoming environment. For a business, the same is true, but there is the added effect that you may attract more customers.


A pressurized power washer may be easy to use, but it can also be dangerous. Hiring a professional not only takes the time and effort off your hands, but ensures you won’t sustain any injury during the process.

Save Money

Taken together with our other siding services, our Raleigh-based power washing service can be a great way to stay ahead of maintenance and repairs, potentially saving you lots of money down the line on your home or business building.


While it is certainly not a sufficient form of building maintenance on its own, when you hire power washing services from Paint Changers, we can also take care of all your other siding maintenance and repair needs while we’re at it. Kill two birds with one stone: maintain the health of your building as well as keep it clean and manicured.

Prolong Property Life

Another issue with all of the problems we just mentioned is that they can cause structural damage to a building. Power washing not only removes this potential cause of damage, but is also a great opportunity for our contractors to spot other signs of damage early and save you money on building repairs down the road.