Deck Staining

In the heat of the sun or under the power of storms, your deck, patio, and outdoor wooden furniture are all susceptible to weather damage.

If you skip treating these outdoor essentials, the wood may eventually become damaged past the point of repair. However, with Paint Changers by your side, we can ensure both your deck and your outdoor furniture are properly protected, no matter what the weather has in store.

Enjoy your deck for years to come with a quality finish applied by local professionals. We’ll use the stain of your choice, allowing you to adjust the shade of your deck to match the style of your home. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we have the necessary knowledge and tools to provide you with a job well done. We take the time to understand the vision for your home while ensuring you’ll be able to use your deck again in no time.

We prioritize your needs, budget, and timeline above all else.

Let us know what your deck needs, and we’ll offer a solution that works with your schedule and finances. Get in touch with the Paint Changers team today to learn more about our Raleigh, NC deck staining and refinishing services and get started at your convenience.

Benefits of Professional Deck Staining Services

Staining or refinishing a deck is a common do-it-yourself project for many homeowners. Many find success, although these tend to be the more naturally handy among us. Others, though, find that their time would have been better spent on other things and end up wishing they had left the deck staining to a professional. Here are some of the more common advantages people talk about when they hire a Raleigh-based professional deck staining and deck refinishing service.

Better Aesthetic:

When it comes to your deck, improving its appearance will come down to one of two things (excluding structural renovations). Either you will go for painting your deck, or you will go with a deck refinishing service. There are different benefits to each. Regarding aesthetic, a deck refinishing can change the overall appearance for the better (especially on textured wood grains), but it can also change the shading of the deck to better match the design scheme of your front/backyard.

Ease of Application:

Unlike a painting service, deck staining requires a little less intensive labor. First of all, staining does not require a primer, which takes up almost half the time in a painting project. Additionally, staining is much less affected by UV rays and wear and tear from foot traffic. Even the maintenance process tends to be easy, with reapplication necessary only every few years.

Prevent Rot/Infestations:

A paint staining service will provide more than an improved look. It actually functions as a stopgap for common wood related problems like rot or insect infestation. Even mold and mildew growth are lessened by a proper application of deck refinishing.

Keep Out Moisture:

Most homeowners know that moisture is the bane of everything wooden. So why is it that so many decks are made out of wood? Because of the properties of their paint and refinishing. Both, to different degrees, repel water and keep moisture from being able to soak into the wood, ruining it over time with rot. This is another reason that deck refinishing is so beneficial to the health of a wooden deck.